Tanimbar Blauzungenskink,
Tiliqua scincoides chimaerea.

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9. July 2003, the second terrarium is now finished and ready to receive 4 offspring of Tiliqua scincoides chimaerea, Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink, breaded by Alvin in Billund by Vejle, Denmark. ’Stump’ lives in the below terrarium and the new young ones shall live in the above.


11. July 2003, the new ones has arrived, but in the beginning was it a little problematic to feed them, and at the same time take care that everybody got equally much to eat, since they almost stole the food from each others mouth. In addition sometimes they were difficult to find and to ‘handle’, because of all the hiding spots. So the decoration materials were reduced to a minimum, now everything goes more smoothly. Here are a few pictures of the new young ones.

Here is 2 x Amos and 2 x Gismo 15 days old, born 27.6.2003 from a litter of 12.
Here is 2 x Floyd and 2 x Goldie 6 days old, born 6.7.2003 from a litter of 10.
And then a few group pictures.

13. March 2004, Meanwhile the 'Dear Ones’ are 9 months old.

From left to right: Floyd, Gismo, Amos and Goldie.

17. August 2004, a few new pictures, we are now 1 year old,
Goldie and Amos lives above, Floyd and Gismo below.

From left to right: Terrariums, Floyd and Gismo.

10. November 2004, Wachstums Skema ansehen.

November 2004, A few pictures before the winter hibernaton.


Marts 2005, The last pictures before they got sold, to get more space for shinglebacks.