Selfmade terrariums and season simulation.

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Due to my purchase of Shingleback lizards at the Hamm fair in September 2004, more and bigger terrariums were needed.
And because I prefer to have my animals visible during the day, and therefore did not want my animals in the cellar,
which by the way is full with my model railroad.
I had to build a suitable piece of furniture for our living room, where terrariums are combined with cabinets and storage.

I wished terrariums of the size 180x65x45 cm. (LxDxH), which eventually could be divided into two sections,
and below and above the terrariums I needed space for storage,
for the stuff which was placed in a storage system previously located, at the place for the new furniture.

I bought ’Kubik’ cabinet and storage boxes to use below and above the terrariums,
and 27mm glued pinewood table plates for the terrariums,
and some wooden strips / laths and wooden plate with holes for ventilation areas.
The terrariums were afterwards painted inside, with transparent / smell free / water based enamel from Sadolin.

Here is the below storage boxes, the terrariums and the above storage cabinets in place.
Here is the door to the electronics, and a view into the electronics, and some views into the terrariums.