Modelrailroad / Modeltrains scale 1:22.5 (G)
in cellar and garden.

I began my interrest for modelrailrod in the age of 18,
and was running gauge n (1:160) for many years.

Until I in January 1991 moved to Munich Germany because of job conditions.

In Germany I got more space and access to more favourable prices than in Denmark.

Therefore I began with a small LGB railroad on my terrace,
the roof of a doppel garage.

Later we moved a little more outside Munich,
and I got even more space for a garden railroad,
so the old N gauge railroad got sold,
in order to get more money for the garden railroad.

In April 1997 we moved back to Denmark and I had to start over i my cellar in Brønshøj,
but i did not get far since i had wery little spare time in that period,
because of my activities as a member of 
Pioneers of Copenhagen - Københavns Pionerforening.

In Marts 2002 i moved to another city in Denmark,
where I live now, and am starting my railroad over yet again.